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Brainstorm: Fall 2023


Congratulations to the following PIN students who are currently supported by their own NIH funding:

Cassie Stapf (mentor: Donna Calu, Neurobiology)

         "Sex Differences in Endocannabinoid Regulation of Behavioral Flexibility" (F31)

Michael Anderson (mentor: Tom Blanpied, Physiology)

          "Subsynaptic organization of the major NMDAR subtypes" (F31)

Michael Patton (mentor: Brian Mathur, Pharmacology)

           "Striatal fast-spiking interneurons regulate compulsive alcohol consumption" (F31)

Emily DeMarco (mentor: Tom Blanpied, Pharmacology)

           "Elucidating the dynamic role of PTPsigma in synaptic nano-organization and NMDA receptor function" (F31)


Congratulations to the following PIN students who have been recently published!

Kali Engel (mentor: Margaret McCarthy, Pharmacology)

  • Engel K, Lee H, Tewari BP, Lewkowicz AP, Ireland DDC, Manangeeswaran M, Vethelyi D. "Neonatal Zika virus infection causes transient perineuronal net degradation" Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 2023

Cassie Stapf (mentor: Donna Calu, Neurobiology)

  • Bacharach SZ, Martin DA, Stapf CA, Sun F, Li Y, Cheer, JF, Calu DJ. "Decreased Ventral Tegmental Area CB1R Signaling Reduces Sign Tracking and Shifts Cue-Outcome Dynamics in Rat Nucleus Accumbens" Journal of Neuroscience, 2023

Daniela Franco (mentor: Mary Kay Lobo, Neurobiology)

  • Choi EY, Franco D, Stapf CA, Gordin M, Chow A, Cover KK, Chandra R, Lobo MK. “Inducible CRISPR Epigenome Systems Mimic Cocaine Induced Bidirectional Regulation of Nab2 and Egr3” The Journal of Neuroscience, 2022

Roxy Cundiff-O'Sullivan (mentor: Luana Colloca, Pain and Translational Symptom Science)

  • Thomas S, Wang Y, Cundiff-O'Sullivan R, Massalee R, Colloca L. "How negative and positive constructs and comorbid conditions contribute to disability in chronic orofacial pain" European Journal of Pain, 2023


Annual Retreat

The Program in Neuroscience retreat is a wonderful day spent away from campus and the demands of the classroom and lab. During the day, we have a keynote speaker along with several other invited speakers that present on various topics in neuroscience and related issues. In addition, graduate students and post-docs associated with the Program in Neuroscience give short talks about their current research.

Those students, post-docs and faculty members that are not scheduled to give formal talks often elect to share their recent work during the always popular poster session held later in the afternoon.

The day is also filled with fun as we venture into the outoors for games!

Students and faculty alike agree that our annual retreat is exactly the perfect mix of serious science and community-building hilarity that makes us us here at PIN.

2023 PIN Retreat Program