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Current Mentors

STAR-PREP scholars are able to choose mentors from any of the faculty at the University of Maryland Baltimore. Please consult the GPILS faculty list for all SOM Graduate Program Faculty and School of Pharmacy Faculty

You can also  search for mentors by specific research areas by clicking here and typing your research interest into the box that says search faculty by keywords .

Below are the mentors for the scholars who are currently enrolled in PREP for 2021-2022.


Kylie Sumner and Dr. Robert Ernst

 Dr. Robert Ernst and STAR-PREP scholar Kylie Sumner


 Belen Avelar and Dr. Fontaine

 Dr. Magali Fontaine and STAR-PREP scholar Belen Avelar


 Taylor Phillips-Jones and Dr. Margaret M. McCarthy

 Dr. Margaret M. McCarthy and STAR-PREP scholar Taylor Phillips-Jones


Andrew Alvarez and Dr. Pearson

Dr. Ryan M. Pearson and STAR-PREP scholar Andrew Alvarez


Taya Lee and Dr. Eli Bar

Dr. Eli Bar and STAR-PREP scholar Taya Lee


 Claudia Hernandez-Chavez and Dr. Bing Ma

Dr. Bing Ma and STAR-PREP scholar Claudia Hernandez-Chavez


William Witt and Dr. Shannon Takala-Harrison

Dr. Shannon Takala-Harrison and STAR-PREP scholar William Witt